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The R&D Center is mainly engaged in the research and development of radiation functional materials and is responsible for managing "Shenzhen Polymer Materials Radiation Processing Engineering Research Development Center", Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Secretariat and China Insulation Materials Standardization Technical Committee Electrician heat Shrinkable Materials Technical Committee Secretariat.
The Center now has 524 R&D people including 7 doctors and 86 masters, the work area of 5500m2, and the equipment instrument value of RMB 27.46 million, applies for 237 patents, authorizes 196 patents, including 43 invention patents, leads to draft 19 national/industry standards, of which 5 national/industry standards has been implemented, and obtained 178 scientific research achievements, including 13 key new national/provincial products.
The Center maintains close cooperation with Sun Yat-Sen University, Tsinghua University, Sichuan University, Beijing Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology and other well-known colleges and universities, makes full use of the advantages of colleges and universities which are good at theory research, market-oriented, with foreign advanced technology as the goal, and industrialization as the purpose, has the courage to explore, is bold in innovation, leads the development direction of Chinese radiation functional materials, constantly promotes technical progress of radiation functional materials, and makes unremitting efforts to let China become the great power of radiation functional materials from power.


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