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Company culture

Company culture


Goal and Mission

Goal of Changyuan Group: to become a century-old shop as an expert in technology and respected by others.
Mission of Changyuan Group: the best partner with line security! Let the grid stronger and wiser!


Enterprise Spirit

Honesty: be loyal to the enterprise and abide by the social norms.
Tolerance: all rivers run into the sea, coherence for win-win development.
Passion: forge ahead and pursue excellence.
Respect: people-oriented, inspiring potentials.


Core Values

Business Philosophy: maximize the group benefit, and sustain continuous profit growth.
Employee Development: Changyuan Family, growing together! Life-long learning and constantly enterprising
Service Concept: quality and brand are the foundation for Changyuan’s development, and the customers’ satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of Changyuan.
Work Style: behave vigorously and speedily, and work with perseverance; always keep hardworking and enterprising spirit.

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