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What is the principle of heat shrinking?

For polyolefin materials, under the action of high energy electron beam, the linear molecular structure is transformed into a three-dimensional network structure

Heat Shrinkable Material Storage and Transportation

For heat shrinkable products, in the process of storage and transportation, avoid direct sunlight or ambient temperature more than 60℃

What are full cold contraction cable accessories?

Full cold contraction cable accessories, usually also called "Predilation" accessories, refer to using good elastic rubber materials (commonly using silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber)

What are the precautions in use of silicone-rubber electric terminal protection box?

Due to the great differences between wiring hardware fittings and wiring modes of the incoming and outgoing line of overhead transformer, lightning arrester and aerial switch

What are the precautions in use of heat shrinkage busbar protection sleeve?

Heat shrinkable sleeve has a fixed proportion of shrinkage, and at the same time, the insulation and voltage resistance of the heat shrinkable sleeve depends on the sleeve thickness after contraction

Are there quality system certification and test report for Changyuan cold contraction cable accessories?

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