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What are the precautions in use of heat shrinkage busbar protection sleeve?

2019-08-08 10:18
1. Heat shrinkable sleeve has a fixed proportion of shrinkage, and at the same time, the insulation and voltage resistance of the heat shrinkable sleeve depends on the sleeve thickness after contraction, so the type selection must be in accordance with the methods specified on the product manual, and different sizes of busbar must be of the corresponding specifications of the sleeves.
2. The copper and aluminum busbar, in the production, storage, handling, tinning process, is easy to cause surface scratch and burr. Heat shrinkable sleeve in heating shrinkage mainly relies on the huge internal stress to achieve shrinkage, and the heat shrinkable sleeve in the heating condition is softer. At this time if there is a sharp burr in the surface of copper aluminum busbar, heat shrinkable sleeve will be scratched, and heat shrinkable sleeve will be immediately cracked or after a period of time of operation. So before contraction be sure to check whether there is burr on the copper and aluminum busbar and conduct the corresponding processing, to make copper aluminum busbar surface smooth.
3. Based on the above mechanism mentioned in Item 2, before the use of continuous heat shrinkable sleeve, when cut the sleeve in accordance with the number of the specific needs, we must guarantee the notch is smooth, and cannot appear zigzag notch.

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