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Long Park Group won the "2015 China Manufacturing 100 listed companies to create value," the honorary title

2016-08-20 00:00
conference and made in China 2025 Value Investment Seminar" held in Beijing. More than 300 people from all sectors of government departments, research institutions, listed companies, medium-sized enterprises and investment institutions attended the meeting.Long Park Group, as one of the award-winning unit, invited to attend the event.
Chinese manufacturing enterprises are no longer just the pursuit of corporate size and income of the "big", but more emphasis on value creation "strong." The poll was conducted through a series of comprehensive evaluation can reflect the ability of enterprises to create value factors, the market capitalization of listed companies management is of great significance. The fundamental business is to create value, Changyuan Group, as a representative of Chinese listed companies not only pay attention to the external value of mergers and acquisitions so that, more focus on technological innovation, training and other core competitiveness of the intrinsic value of cultivation and excavation.
The poll for the industry to establish a model of value creation, fully affirmed the award Changyuan Group's comprehensive strength and competitive advantage in the future Long Park Group will continue to improve themselves and to create value with technological innovation, increase business efficiency, further enhance corporate image, to grow stronger in China play a catalytic role. Chinese manufacturing 2025, Long Park in action!

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