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Ninth Peking Changyuan scholarship award ceremony was held successfully

2015-10-31 00:00
November 4, 2015, the Ninth Beijing University Changyuan scholarship award ceremony held in Beijing University. Group Co., Ltd. R & D Center Director Dr. Long Park analytic solution, chemistry teacher Faye Peking University Youth League secretary, Department of Applied Chemistry, Professor Shen Xing Hai, deputy director Professor ZHAI Maolin, attended the ceremony and jointly award winning students.
The award ceremony was presided over by Professor sehnxinghai. It was for many years represented the first teacher Faye Long Park Group to long-term support of Applied Chemistry, Graduate thanks and introduces college scholarship award process of the overall situation in the school of Peking University and The Long Park scholarship. Subsequently, Long Park Group, Dr. Zhao Chenggang Long Park Group introduced the basic situation and the industrial layout, and to obtain a long garden scholarship students congratulated.Beam and award-winning music student representatives said Park Chang scholarship is not only a material reward, but also a spiritual motivation, they will certainly cherish this honor, study hard, with excellent results in return Changyuan Group and mentors who support and nurturing . Finally, the student participants on issues of concern with Dr. Zhao Chenggang and participating teachers had a lively discussion. Awards ceremony concluded with a lively discussion.
Current winning student list is as follows:
First prize: Liang and Yue (2013 PhD)
Second prize: Zhang Tao Na (2014 Masters), Cao Peng Fei (2014 Masters)
Third prize: Cao (2014 Masters), Meng Dan (2014 Masters), Liu Siqi (2014 Masters), Zhao (2014 Masters).

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