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Changyuan Electric Power, Long Park appeared together to create the first international Smart Grid Exhibition in Zhuhai

2015-10-01 00:00

November 12-14, 2015 in Zhuhai Smart Grid Conference and China (Zhuhai) International Smart Grid Exhibition (GridTec Zhuhai 2015) was held at the Zhuhai International Convention Center. Changyuan Electric Power, Long Park to create one as "Zhuhai Corps'leader, on behalf of Long Park Group, dressed in the exhibition.

◆Deputy Mayor of Zhuhai City, Mr. Wang Qingli opening remarks

National Energy Board chief economist Li Ye, China Electricity Council Secretary-ANCIENT, deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid Company Wang Liangyou, deputy mayor of Zhuhai Wang Qingli and his party leaders visited Long Park Groupbooth, care and support development of the company.
As China's leading brand of power cable accessories, Changyuan Electric Power developed the production of new"environmentally friendly gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear" is the highlight of this exhibition, the product has energy-saving,environmental protection, safety, maintenance, and other fine features, by everyone attention.
Intelligent power distribution network equipment division sales manager Changyuan lishuxun share with you the latest equipment and solutions
Exhibition site, Changyuan Electric Power colleagues actively participating parties introduce the audience to share the "smart grid devices," "power cable accessories," "safe, reliable and efficient cabling technology MMJ / EMT", "separable connector" fourrange of products and solutions.
As China's power mis-leading brands, long garden to create in this exhibition shows the factory station solutions. Among them, the smart lock control system greatly improves the working efficiency, and to unlock the full floor management; online computererror prevention system realizes the operation of the electrical equipment to manage and control the entire process, the plant station management and centralized control of intelligence operations to provide reliable technical means.
Two exhibitors plan to create long garden attracted a large number of visitors, visitors were given a high degree of recognition,represents two solutions for intelligent transformation plant station provides a very good idea and technology.
The exhibition, Long Park Group, give full play to the advantages of smart grid devices in the field of technology and products, and actively demonstrate a high standard of products and enhance the competitiveness of its own brand, and strive to practice the "let the grid stronger and smarter," the mission!



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